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100% Pure Neem Wood Handcrafted Comb (With Wide Tooth)

100% Pure Neem Wood Handcrafted Comb (With Wide Tooth)

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AromaMusk 100% pure and natural Neem Combs have handcrafted from natural & organic, high quality, and premium-grade Neem tree wood. Our luxurious combs are crafted with hands and polished without using any chemicals.

Our all-natural neem combs are suitable for all hair types and used by both men and women. Using a wooden comb will make you massage your scalp while flowing through hair. This massaging will help increase the blood flow to the scalp helps boost hair growth.

Why Use a Neem Comb for Hair? - When you use a neem comb for your hair and scalp, the natural neem wood releases essential nutrients into your scalp which boosts hair growth, promotes hair health. Its antibacterial properties help fight dandruff and keep the scalp healthy.
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