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Organic 100% Pure Cold Pressed Castor & Extra Virgin Coconut Oil , 100ml Each

Organic 100% Pure Cold Pressed Castor & Extra Virgin Coconut Oil , 100ml Each

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USDA Organic 100% Pure Cold Pressed Castor Oil
AromaMusk Organic Castor Oil is one of the oldest & most versatile healing gifts of nature. It includes a bountiful list of benefits like an exceptionally high concentration of unsaturated fatty acids. From anti-inflammatory to anti-aging benefits, AromaMusk Castor Oil is unmatched in addressing skin ailments & hair regimens. AromaMusk Castor Oil is cold-pressed from the seeds of the Ricinus Communis plant.

Castor Oil Benefits:

Effectively softens and hydrates skin fades scars & stretch marks, prevents hair loss, and thickens hair, eyelashes & eyebrows. It is best as a face cleaner, adds a healthy luster to your nails. Its healing properties make it best for massage.
Organic 100% Pure Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil For Hair And Skin
AromaMusk Extra Virgin Coconut Oil helps nourish your hair & scalp, condition them to make them vibrant, and increase their volume. Our Virgin Coconut oil is pure, unrefined & cold-pressed from fresh coconut milk. Coconut oil is light, clear, and scent-free results in making the oil best for aromatherapy, massage, and cosmetic products. This versatile oil is a wonderful carrier oil for all pure essential oils that are used in aromatherapy.

Uses: Coconut oil can be used for massage oil or can be directly applied to your skin to improve texture, evenness of tone, luminosity, and pore size. Its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties make it ideal for massaging babies. Our Extra Virgin Coconut Oil keeps your hair fully moisturized, promotes hair growth, and makes them stronger.
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